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We all aspire to be comfortable in our skin, at home in our bodies, and find safety as we move about the world. If we can have deep personal insight and awareness into our internal worlds as we navigate the external, even better! It is my belief that therapy offers the opportunity for just this – the alchemy of our internal world mixing seamlessly with our environment, creating an attuned, comfortable life experience in which to explore and play.

I can help you achieve this.

As a therapist with specialized training in Somatic Experiencing as well as deep roots embedded in the psychodynamic tradition, I incorporate evidence-based practices into a holistic, whole-person protocol. We will work together to shine a light on life experiences and traumas, unconscious processes, and dusty old habits and beliefs that may be holding you back. Therapy taps into your own internal wisdom and strengthens it, and it is my privilege to offer you care, company and collaborative insight on your therapeutic journey as we move toward your goals for a healthier, happier life experience. Read more about Somatic Experiencing here.

My approach incorporates warmth, humor, and non-judgment with insightful challenges to maximize growth opportunities and capitalize on self-acceptance. While therapy can be punctuated by powerful emotions that naturally accompany deep revelations, there is also room for joy, laughter and ultimately, healing.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Single event trauma
  • Complex trauma
  • Somatic issues
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Relationship challenges
  • Creative roadblocks
  • Eating disorders


  • University of Southern California School of Social Work, MSW
  • University of California, Los Angeles, BA
  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, SEP
  • Postpartum Support International, Maternal Mental Health Certification


  • MSW, Private Practice, supervised by Eri Nakagami, PhD, LCSW
  • MSW, Primary Therapist at Del Amo Hospital Specialty Units including Trauma Recovery Program, Eating Disorders Unit, and Sexual Recovery Program. Trained under Kristen Parker, PsyD, LCSW, and Dr. John Sealy, MD (Sexual Recovery Specialist).
  • MSW, Intake Counselor at Del Amo Hospital specializing in crisis management, emergency assessment and admissions.
  • MSW Intern, University of Southern California Counseling Center providing therapy for undergraduate and graduate school populations.
  • MSW Intern, Venice Family Clinic, providing therapy and social services to adults, children and families.
  • Certified Crisis Counselor/Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate, Peace Over Violence, acted as first responder to hospitals to provide advocacy, crisis hotline counselor