Have you ever wondered if you're just reacting to life, rather than mastering it? Ever wondered if you're being held back by old patterns that no longer serve you? So many of us feel bogged down by stress, anxiety and fear that perspective, insight and confidence can be whittled away in the process. Therapy can help.

Therapy allows you to mine internal resources, explore undiscovered depths and gain insight, perspective, and a new level of mastery over your emotional experience. Whether you are encountering relationship challenges, overwhelming stress, trauma recovery, battling an eating disorder or addiction, depression or anxiety, or need support through your pregnancy and postpartum period, I'd like to help!

My therapeutic approach is collaborative, using warmth and non-judgment to help you discover creative solutions to tricky problems. My goal is to approach individual issues with an eye toward your future, and provide the support and constructive challenges that create a framework for a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Jessica Walker, LCSW, SEP



Licensed Clinical Social Worker

License No. LCSW69808